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Glass Ball lens

Glass ball lens is optical sphere made of optical glasses. Glass ball lenses are always used for fiber coupling. To couple light from one fiber optic to another fiber optics of similar NA, two identical ball lenses can be used. Place two ball lenses at the back focal length from the fiber. If the optical fibers have the same NA, then the same logic can be applied.

Glass ball lens is our regular optics, we started to produce glass ball lenses since our factory was established. So we have very rich experience for production of ball lenses. The diameter we do is from 1mm to 20mm. But we could not coat the ball lenses. We have the ball lenses with 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm in stock. Welcome your enquiry. 

Our Custom Made Capabilities:

Glass N-BK7, Fused silica glass, sapphire glass, etc.
Diameter range 1mm to 20mm
Sphericity 0.002mm
Surface quality 40-20
Tolerance +/-0.002mm


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