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Sapphire optical window

Sapphire optical windows contain no impurities and provide high transmission without any absorption covering the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum. Recommended to use these sapphire windows where the most durable surface is required such as cover windows. Sapphire optical windows have excellent hear and weather resistance and can be used in outdoor applications or as protective glass for optical systems.
We offer sapphire windows both square and round. Please send us the specifications or drawings. We offer custom made service.

Custom Made Capabilities:
Window shape Square or circular or rectangular
Dia. range 2mm to 600mm
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Surface quality 40-20
Surface flatness L/2 or better
Bevel Protective
Substrate Sapphire, or other optical glasses
Coating AR coated or no coating
RoHs certificated


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