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AR coated plano convex lens

Plano convex lenses are flat on one side and with a precision convex surface on another side. Plano convex lenses are used to focus, collect and collimate the light to one point. It’s ideal choice to focus light to a single point. The lenses are useful in lasers, detectors, collimators, condensers and fiber optics. Our plano convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances minimizing wave front distortion. The lenses are offered with anti-reflection coatings for different wavelengths including visible, UV and infrared wavelengths. Competitive prices and fast delivery are available from us for the lenses. 

Custom made specifications:
Material N-BK7 or H-K9L, UV grade fused silica glasses, N-SF4, or IR optical glasses
Diameter range 2mm to 600mm
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.05mm
Surface quality 40-20 or better
Surface flatness L/4 or better
Bevel Protective bevel
Centering 1 arc mins
Coating Anti-reflective coating @ different wavelengths, or UV wavelength coating, R<0.5% or better transmission value


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