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UV Fused silica plano convex lens

UV fused silica plano-convex lenses are used to meet the requirements of laser electro-optic focusing and the imaging applications, they are precision manufactured using research-grade synthetic fused silica. UV grade plano-convex lenses have excellent transmission characteristics, higher operating temperatures and chemical purity. UV fused silica plano-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerance to minimize scatter and unwanted diffraction effects. Broadband AR coating is available for optimized throughput in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Custom made specifications:

Substrate UV Fused silica glass, JGS1, JGS3, corning 7980, other glasses
Diameter 3mm to 400mm
Tolerance +/-0.1mm
Thickness +/-0.1mm
Surface quality 40-20 or better
Surface figure Lambda/4 or better
Centering 3 arc mins
Bevel Protective bevel
Coating AR coated @ different wavelengths, or UV AR coated


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