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Biconvex lens

Double-Convex Lens, also named Bi-Convex Lens, is most suitable where the object and image are on opposite sides of the lens and the ratio of the image and object (conjugate ratio) distances is between 0.2 to 5. It is used in beam expanders,projection optics systems, optical viewers etc.

Custom Made capabilities:
Material N-BK7, UV fused silica glass, JGS1, SF1, SF2, and IR optical glasses, etc.
Diameter range  3mm to 500mm
Tolerance +/-0.05mm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.05mm
Surface quality 40-20 or better
Surface flatness Lambda/4
Centering 3 arc mins
Bevel Protective bevel
Coating No coating or AR coated @ different wavelengths, R<0.5%


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