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N-BK7 plano concave cylindrical lens

N-BK7 plano-concave cylindrical lens is a type of lens that has differing radii in the X and  axes, 
causing the lens to have cylindrical or semi-cylindrical shape, and image magnification in only a
single axis. Cylindrical lenses are used as laser line generators or to adjust image height size or 
correct for astigmatism in imaging system. 

Custom made specifications: 
Material: BK7 or equal H-K9L
Length tolerance: +0/-0.1mm 
Height tolerance: +0/-0.1mm 
Focal length tolerance: +/-1% 
Surface quality: 40-20
Centration:<3 arcmins 
C.A.: 90%
Coating: AR coating is available for different wavelengths.

1), Knowledge about cylindrical lenses: 
When using a cylindrical lens as a laser line generator, it’s very important to calculate the required effective focal length for the application. To do so, first we need to calculate the fan angle using the needed line length at the given working distance in centimeters. The fan angle can also be used to determine the line length at a given working distance. The focal length can then be calculated using the input beam radius.

2), Knowledge about optical coatings: 
Almost every precision optical component includes at least one coated surface. Optical coatings are made up of multiple thin-film layers from 2 to 60 or more of dielectric materials. A coating design reads like melody: a unique sequence of several materials each with a prescribed thickness. And like melody, a slight change can change everything. The thin-film designer and the coating technician are like composer and performer. A brilliant designer and skilled technicians are partners in making the equivalent of beautiful music.


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