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UV Fused silica plano convex cylindrical lens

Fused silica plano-convex cylindrical lenses are ideal for UV beam shaping. Fused silica cylindrical lenses are often used to change the profile of laser beams, for example to correct for astigmatism and ellipticity in diode lasers or to generate lines form single mode lasers, as in laser line generators. We can offer custom cylindrical lenses in a range of optical glasses to meet your requirements.

Please note that we are able to supply custom fused silica cylindrical lenses for UV applications such as AR @245-400nm. For custom made cylindrical lenses, please send us drawings or specifications.

Our Custom Made Capabilities:

Substrate UV fused silica, JGS1, JGS3, corning 7980
Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Surface quality 40-20
Surface flatness Lambda/4
Coating AR coating is available

We have some fused silica plano convex cylindrical lenses in stock as follows,

Dimensions: 25.4mm×25.4mm +0/-0.1 

C.T.: 10mm +/-0.1 
E.T.: 2.5mm 
ROC: 14.3mm 
Focal length: 30mm 
Surface quality: 60-40 
Glass: UV grade fused silica 
AR Coating: 245nm-400nm R<0.5%

Dimensions: 11mm×7.2mm +/-0.1 
Effective focal length: 8mm 
Radius of curvature: 3.67mm 
Centre thickness: 4.9mm+/-0.1 
Edge thickness: 2.0mm 
Surface quality: 60-40 
Material: JGS1 
AR coating: No coated



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