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Plano convex lens

Plano convex lenses are made from glasses like UV grade fused silica, N-BK7, N-SF11, LASFN9, silicon and MgF2 and germanium. Plano-convex lenses are flat on one side and with a precision convex surface on another side. Plano-convex lenses are used to focus, collect and collimate the light to one point. It's the ideal choice to focus parallel light to a single point. They are useful in lasers, medical, detectors, condensers, measuring instrument and fiber optics. Our precision plano-convex lenses are polished to tight tolerances minimizing wave front distortion. Low cost and fast delivery are available from us. 

Our custom made capabilities
Material N-BK7, UV Grade fused silica glass, JGS1, N-SF11, LASFN9, Sapphire, silicon, MgF2, etc.
Daimeter range From 1.5mm to 800mm
Tolerance +/-0.01mm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.02mm
Surface quality 40-20 or better
Irregularity Lambda/4 or better
Centering 1 arc min
Chamfer Protective chamfer
Coating Uncoated or AR coated for visible or UV or infrared wavelength, R<0.5%
RoHS Certificated


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